Our Mission:

Education, promotion, adoption, and care of retired racing greyhounds.

At Triangle Greyhound, we educate the public on the advantages of greyhounds as pets through our local Meet and Greets. We provide information about greyhound adoption on our website. We provide assistance to new greyhound families. We foster retired greyhounds and provide homes for greyhounds in need of re-homing for any reason. We consider other activities that could improve retired greyhounds’ lives. We offer social events for greyhound owners and their hounds.

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Get involved! From adoption events to community involvement, Triangle Greyhound Society wants you to be part of the action.


If you're interested in contributing to the ongoing success of the organization, this is where you'll find all the details on giving back and helping progress our mission.


Looking to adopt a wonderful, loving, and loyal companion? Click here for all the details on greyhound adoption and assist us in finding forever homes for these greyt hounds.